About us

Community Church is an Apostolic, Prophetic, New Testament church.

  • Apostolic – Pioneering, breaking through, sending, planting, fathering, operating in signs and wonders.
  • Prophetic – Hearing from God, speaking what God says, having hindsight, insight, foresight in God’s eternal purpose.
  • New Testament – committed to the New Testament church mandate; reaching all nations for Christ, operations patterned after the New Testament church.


VISION To establish the kingdom of God in all the earth. “…that the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God and of His Christ” Rev. 11:15b. MISSION To be a contemporary cutting edge church which seeks to meet the spiritual, social and economic needs of society through the preaching and demonstration of the gospel of the Kingdom of God globally.

Our mission is based on Isaiah 61:1-11 and focusing on 4 areas: Spiritual, Social, Economic and Global.

To preach the gospel of the kingdom to the spiritually and materially poor;to conduct physical and spiritual healing. To help individuals discover their vision and purpose,to proclaim and demonstrate God’s restoration and favour.To minister holistically – beauty for ashes, oil for mourning, praise for depression.

To meet the needs of the materially poor through providing monthly food parcels and clothing, running literacy programs, skills development, raise an education fund for disadvantaged children, job hunting and placement.

To be a territorial church that develops cities, towns, villages, through development of houses and infrastructure that makes regions profit economically.


  • Activate the priesthood of all believers (Isaiah 61:v6)
  • Reaching the nations for Christ
  • Walk in multiple blessings and prosperity (Isaiah 61:v7)
  • Become agents of salvation, righteousness and praise to our God in all nations (Isaiah 61: v10,11)

  • The first Good News Community Church (GNCC) church was established in kwaMagxaki under the leadership of Pastor Nick Motsatse in 1994?
  • In response to a directive from Jehovah to raise an altar in Bhisho, Apostle Mangaliso Matshobane moved to Bhisho where Community Church (CC) was launched in November 2004.
  • It is now the Head Quaters of the GNCC network of churches, with branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Queenstown, Mdantsane, Mthatha and East London.

GNCC is affiliated to the God Never Fails (GNF) network, an organisation of churches with a common apostolic vision, mission and calling throughout Southern Africa.

  • Building is located in centre of the Eastern Cape capital, Bhisho, next to the taxi rank.
  • It’s office is situated in the same building.

To raise Apostolic, Prophetic, New Testament churches in the Eastern Cape, the nation and the nations of the earth.

By Apostolic we mean:
  • Pioneering
  • Breaking through
  • Sending
  • Church planting
  • Fathering
  • Operating in signs and wonders

By Prophetic we mean
  • Hearing from God
  • Speaking what God says
  • Having hindsight, insight and foresight in God’s eternal purposes

By New Testament we mean
  • Committed to pursuing the mandate of the Apostles that of reaching all nations for Christ
  • Our modus operandi is patterned after the New Testament Church e.g. we recognize the five fold ministry, the eldership; deacons, the priesthood of all believers etc.

Our Values
  • Excellence in ministry
  • Transformation
  • Team work
  • Integrity
  • Holiness
  • Love and care
  • Giving to the needy

Our strategic objectives
  • To raise devoted, obedient, teachable and compassionate leaders
  • To advance the Kingdom of God in the earth
  • To lead in church transformation
  • To lead in community transformation

Our specific objectives
  • To build a 21st century church that is committed to excellence
  • To create an enabling environment for the people in the local church to function

Our key focus areas
  • Advancing the kingdom of God in the earth
  • Developing leadership
  • Transforming our community
  • Transforming church from what it is to what God wants
  • Church marketing and communication
  • Church growth
  • Good church administration